Spiller Collagen Regeneration

Dr Spiller Peel-off Whitening

Dr Spiller


The vision was born in 1960: To develop unique skin care products that preserve skin health with top-tier ingredients of incomparable quality and proven effectiveness. Dr. Horst Spiller made this his life-long mission.


The Spiller mission still continues..


What is Dr Spiller Collagen Regeneration

This facial uses the supreme performance of Collagen Fleece Masks to improve the elasticity, restructure damaged skins, smooth lines and wrinkles, soothes and hydrates or reduce couperose skin conditions. 

Nourishing ampoules containing concentrated active ingredients are infused into your face and neck using pressure point massage technique. A Dr Spiller freeze dried collagen mask is softened onto the skin and activated using hot and cold sensations.

About Dr Spiller Collagen Regeneration

Skin Treatment starts off with a cleanse, skin analysis, facial scrub, steam, massage, fleece mask & ends with homecare by Dr. Spiller. Fleeces are made from pure, native collagen. The collagen fleece is an active substance and active substance carrier in one. Free from preservatives, chemical cross-linking agents and perfume additives. The collagen fleece masks are pure and concentrated and deliver amazing results to the skin.

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